Only Petadolex® butterbur extract is guaranteed**:

No harmful side effects,
no known drug interactions*

Especially by children
(use our 50 mg option)*

Petadolex's doctor-preferred formulation is at least 15% Petasin herbal extract with zero detectable pyrrolizidine alkaloids that can damage the liver – it's PA-free

No doctor visit or
prescription needed

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The Canadian Headache Society strongly recommends Butterbur Petasites.

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Canadian Headache Society Guideline authors recommend that clinicians offer butterbur 75 mg twice daily to eligible patients. The guidelines add this caution:
“Only commercially prepared products in which plant carcinogens and hepatotoxic alkaloids have been removed and which have been standardized to contain a minimum of 15% petasins are recommended. Patients should be cautioned against consuming the plant in any other form.”
Petadolex® is the butterbur that meets these safety and purity standards, and it was Petadolex® brand butterbur that was researched in developing the guidelines.

Butterbur, especially Petadolex® PA-free brand butterbur, has been mentioned in prestigious medical and pharmaceutical journals as well as trusted sources such as Prevention magazine and WebMD.

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